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Our Highlights. Allows you to mint and display your NFTs in our 360 degree Virtual Art Gallery Tour adding your items in the scene.  Physically Redeemable NFT’S, Frames, Mech.   Personals QR code to share with your clients. *Get white listed for our ERC20- FREE-Token Airdrops! TICKER> “MYNFTWH” Add your Wallet Address below!  Get Verified to be part of our marketplace platform. Signup below add your website address to be viewed by our team or photos if you’re a collector. Please remember kindness is what we prefer on the platform. please do not post or mint any items if you are not the owner, you will be removed from the website. Our Team Welcome You All.

  • MYNFTWH is a Governance Token, Get rewarded by  participating in our NFT  marketplace creating a Sustainable future for our organization and the world. Empowering the people  who are actively interacting with the protocol artists and collectors, help bring awareness to Getting Tested for  COVID-19, Alert the Community at large sound the alarm. Educate the masses on our carbon footprint, Support  The  Movement. 
  • Help save the planet – Carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions measurement are only part of the story.  Our Journey,  A growing Ecosystem for a Tokenized world, help make the planet a better place Participate in our #PLANT#ONE#TREE #CAMPAIGN, help bring awareness to our ecosystem and NFT blockchain technology.

OUR MISSION: Innovate- Motivate- Collaborate with as many Artists, Collectors, Legal Officials and Everyday people around the world, My NFT Warehouse was created by artist for artists in mind, providing a platform  that showcase the talents, passion and dedication to their craft and the planet we all live on,  NFTs- stands for Non-Fungible Token,  may provide tangible utility for different assets that are linked to the blockchain technology, it will change the world of art and collectibles as we know it today, anyone can tokenizes their art and collectibles on the blockchain creating wealth for years to come, Blockchain use- case comes with some many different options, We embraces the high Expectations.

Governance: One of our main Goals of MYNFTWH is to evolve into a fully Decentralizes Autonomous Organization, all our decisions will become part of our Community creators and collectors. our Token is not a “Security” and should not be used as one.                                                                                    THE ROAD MAP! 

  • DEC. 2021- JAN. 2022,  (1.) Tree Planting Campaigns. (2.) Add Link for Art Gallery -360 Degree Virtual Tour. (3.) QR Bar code. (4.) How to get verified to used the platform. (5.) Protection of your items, no right click action.
  • FEB. – MARCH 2022, (1.) 360 degree Virtual Tour Spaces- Malls, Office, Luxury Homes. (2.) Add Lock Content Button. (3.) Add Our Mech. Store. (4.) Physically  Redeemable NFT’s and Frames.
  • APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2022 (1.) showcase  home studio  inside our 360 degree Virtual Tour Space. (2.) Stop Spam Gifting. (3.) Mech. Store Giveaways (4.) Insert art Physically Redeemable NFT and Frames.
  • JULY-AUG-SEPT. 2022 (1.) Website Maintenance and upgrade. (2.)  Language’s Translator.  (3.) Add 3D Image software.

OUR VISION: We envision a future where NFTs and Blockchain Technology will change the world of art and collectibles creating a Sustainable Future for our platform and the world around us, educate the masses about NFT’s art and collectibles  with a better ecosystem to help change our carbon footprint. our surveys show that art is inseparable from it’s art lovers and supporters, the future of NFTs and the future of blockchain technology are entwined for a vibrant, resilient and livable planet, one of our main goals is to Team up with other organizations that share the same vision. make NFT Blockchain Technology become Main Stream, in doing our research our sights are focus on Emerging Regulations, Scientific Developments, NFT’s, CryptoCurrrency and Blockchain Developments.

OUR GOALS: To Create A Super Highway toward Community Change, Educate the masses about our Sustainable Future with NFT blockchain technology and what role we must play to  help make a sustainable impact. We planned to Revolutionize what the NFT Market Place should offer, We Will Provide Educational Blockchain Awareness to Those Who Are Less Fortunate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     TOKENOMICS. Ticker- MYNFTWH, Total Supply (75,000.000)   Airdrop to investors and Team 25%,  Marketing, Promotions & Website upgrades 60%, All NFT holders 8%,  My NFT users 2%, Free Airdrop 5%, 

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